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DermaGlow Laser Peel 

How can it help my skin?

The DermaGlow Peel  is a carbon laser peel that makes a dramatic difference on skin issues in just one treatment. That’s what makes it so great for a last minute beauty crisis or a special event. 

This treatment greatly reduces acne and large pores, but it is also excellent for brightening skin tone and fading dark spots. On top of targeting these concerns, this treatment will leave you with more of a youthful glow than you’ve seen in years. It’s like an all-in-one touch up that gets your skin in top condition, with minimal side effects.

If you have ongoing skin concerns, the DermaGlow Peel can be performed on a regular basis for an even better, longer lasting skin transformation.

Why is it so effective in one treatment?

The DermaGlow Peel is a non - invasive  exfoliation treatment. One session has the skin-brightening effect of 4 chemical peels,  It’s designed to safely remove the top dead layer of your skin, taking all those little imperfections with it. 

The DermaGlow laser also penetrates deeply into the skin’s layers to stimulate collagen production – giving you a lasting youthful appearance. 

What is the process like?

The DermaGlow  Peel takes about 45 minutes. The DermaGlow  carbon lotion is applied to the skin first.  Next the laser heats the carbon lotion to penetrate into the pores for a deep exfoliation. Then, the laser removes the carbon. With it comes dead skin cells and anything that was clogging the pores, leaving your skin clear, bright and toned. 

It is all pain free, and there is truly no downtime. A quick, painless solution to many of your skin concerns.
Take an item off your pre-event to do list. 

Take a tip from red carpet celebrities and try the DermaGlow Laser Peel