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About Me

Anri Mazzoncini received her prestigious international CIDESCO and SHAAHSP skin & Beauty diploma at Sonette Beauty Academy in 2000. She completed her primary Permanent Make-up Training in South-Africa and ultimately finished her advanced training in the United States of America with the well-known belated Patti Pavlik in South-California and Kyera Park in Atlanta, Georgi

Anri qualified as a CPCP certified permanent make-up Artist in the USA Savannah, during the year of 2006. She humbly highlights that she was the 3 rdSouth-African that qualified as a CPCP certified permanent make-up Artist as the CPCP qualifications is the highest qualification with the most sophisticated standards in the permanent make-up industry in the United States.

She is also a qualified Assessor specializing in outcome base beauty and permanent make-up education.

She is also the owner of InnerBalance Skin & Wellness and only specializes in Medical Skin Treatments for the last 15 years namely (among other) IPL, chemical peels, Derma Needling, DermaPlasma Skin ioning for droopy top eyelids, Pigmentation and Acne. In addition, she is also hosting a filler and Botox clinics.

Anri Mazzoncini won the price for the best lip technique at the PMU Greece Conference 2016. 

Recently she has won the price for Best lip Technique 2018 Gauteng Biotek award

She attended the International Master classes of Branco Babic , Toni Belfato , Rebecca Chung , Ennio Orsini , Moshe All , Alan Spandone , Sviatoslav, Ina Bennoun ,Tracy Giles, Victoria Tomashivskaya , Natali Masnaya & Stavroula Giannouli.

She also hosted the Phi Brow Microblading training for Phi Master Stavroula Giannouli from Europe here in South-Africa. 

Specialising in the following Permanent Make-up Procedure

-    Microblading Hairstroke Brows with Manual hand tool 
-      Glamour Touch Brows Manual Shading (signature technique) 
-      Glamour Gloss Full Lips (Signature technique) 
-      Lipstick Lips Full Lips (Signature Technique have won the prize for the best lip technique Europe Greece            
-      Eyeshadow  
-      Areola Nipple Tattooing 
-      Scalp Tattooing  
-      Eyeliner  
-      DermaNeedling for Skin Rejuvenation  
-      DermaPlasma Therapy (skin reduction of top eyelids & Neck) 
-      Tattoo Removal - lightening treatment